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Formation Resources for CRHP Alumni of St. Thomas More

Versions of the Bible

Catholic Study Bible-Oxford University Press, 1990-Donald Senior general editor. This volume features more than 600 pages of rich introductory material written by the best of contemporary American Catholic biblical scholarship. Includes maps, glossary, lectionary listings.

New American Bible – Oxford University Press, 1990. Based on translation from original languages, includes the revised New Testament. Used in the lectionary. Contains excellent notes, reference articles and reading guide for each book.

New Jerusalem Bible – New York Doubleday Books, 1996 Translated from 1966 edition and includes footnotes, background information, and inclusive language.

New Revised Standard Edition – New York: Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America, 1989. Contains Catholic deuterocanonical books. It is the text of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Church Documents

Dei Verbum – Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation.The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church – 1993.

CommentariesThe New Jerome Biblical Commentary – Raymond E. Brown, Joseph A. Fitzmeyer, and Roland Murphy, Prentice Hall, 1990.

The International Bible Commentary – William Farmer ed, Liturgical Press, 1998.Harper Collins Bible Commentary – James May ed, Harper San Francisco, 2000.Collegeville Bible Handbook – Collegeville, MN, Liturgical Press, 1997.Bible


The Oxford Companion to the Bible – Bruce M. Metzger and Michael D. Coogan, Oxford University Press, 1993.The Collegeville Pastoral Dictionary of Biblical Theology – Carroll Stuhmueller, Liturgical Press, 1996.Harper Collins Bible Dictionary – Paul J. Achtemeier, Harper San Francisco, 1996.

Bible Study and Sharing Materials

God’s Library- Joe Paprocki , Chicago, IL, Loyola Press, 800-621-1008 or A Catholic introduction to the world’s greatest book. Presents a basic understanding of the Bible in easy to understand language, explaining organization of the Bible, the different literary styles, key figures and methods.

At Home With the Word – Liturgy Training Publications, Chicago, 800-933-1800, the Word – Anthony Bosnick, Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association, Washington DC. Seven times a year with commentaries on Sunday and weekday lectionary readings and articles.God’s Word Today – George Martin ed, University of St. Thomas. Monthly with reading assignment for each day of the month, practical commentary, personal reflection, and articles.Scripture from Scratch – Virginia Smith, Elizabeth, McNamer, Cincinnati, OH, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 800-488-0488 or (Discontinued monthly publication but topics still available.)

Sunday by Sunday – Joan Mitchell, St. Paul, MN, Good Ground Press, 800-232-5533 or Bible Today – Donald Senior ed, Liturgical Press, Collegeville. Six times a year.

This Sunday Scripture – Mystic, CT, Twenty-Third Publications, 800-321-0411 or the Sunday Readings – Mystic, CT, Twenty-Third Publications.God’s Word Today, Catholic Bible Study Program – Mystic, CT, Twenty-Third Publications, 2003. Eight week program. Topics:
• The Fruit of the Spirit
• The Mass and the Eucharist
• The Holy Spirit
• The Parables of Jesus
• The Love of the Father
• Repentance and ForgivenessThreshold Bible Study – Stephen J. Binz, Mystic, CT, Twenty-Third Publications. Topics:
• Advent Light
• People of the Passion
• The Names of Jesus
• Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Jesus
• The Tragic and Triumphant Cross – Jerusalem the Holy City
• The Angles of God – Resurrection and the Life
• The Mysteries of the Rosary – The Beast and the Lamb
• The Resurrection and the Life
• Eucharist
• Biblical Feast of Judaism
• The Sacred Heart
• Stewardship of the Earth (Jan 2007)
• Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts (Jan 2007)The Focus Series – Denver, CO, Living the Good News, 800-824-1813. Topics:
• Focus on John
• Focus on Mark
• Focus on Matthew
• Focus on LukeSix Weeks with the Bible Series – Chicago, IL, Loyola Press, 800-621-1008 or Topics:
• Genesis 1-11: God Makes a Start
• Genesis 12-23: Abraham and Sarah’s Journey
• Genesis 25-33: Jacob’s Blessing
• Genesis 37-50: Joseph the Dreamer
• Exodus: God to the Rescue
• Job: A Good Man Asks Why
• Psalms: An Invitation to Prayer
• Psalms II: Praying with Jesus
• Isaiah 40-55: Build a Highway for God
• Jonah/Ruth: Love Crosses Boundaries
• Proverbs: Wisdom for Living
• Matthew 1-2/Luke 1-2: Joy to the World
• Matthew 5-7: How to be Happy
• Matthew 10-20: One the Road with Jesus
• Matthew 26-28: Jesus’ Life-Giving Death
• Mark: Getting to Know Jesus
• Luke: The Good News of God’s Mercy
• John 1-10: I am the Bread of Life
• John 11-21: My Peace I Give You
• Parable: Stories of the Kingdom
• Acts: The Good News of the Holy Spirit
• Philippians: A Letter to Friends
• James: Put Your Faith to Work
• Colossian and Philemon: New Life in Christ
• 1 Corinthians: Living as Christians
• Galatians : Free in Christ
• 1 and 2 Thessaionians: Stand Firm in Faith
• Revelation: God’s Gift of HopeLittle Rock Scripture Study – Collegeville, MN, Liturgical Press, 800-858-5434 or Topics:
• Acts of the Apostles
• Synoptic Gospels
• Paul’s Captivity Letters – Philippians, Philemon, Colossians, Ephesians
• Exodus
• Praying the Scriptures
• Cultural Tools for Interpreting the Good News
• The Way of Justice and Peace
• Women in the New Testament
• Women in the Old Testament
• The Infancy Narratives of Jesus
• The Passion and Resurrection Narratives of Jesus
• The Gospel According to John and Johannine Epistles
• Wisdom
• Amos, Hosea, Mica
• Psalms I
• Psalms II
• Job
• Genesis
• First Samuel, Second Samuel
• Isaiah
• Jeremiah
• First and Second Thessalonians
• Galatians and Romans
• First Corinthians
• Second Corinthians
• Hebrews
• Catholic Letters – James 1, 2 Peter, and Jude
• Pastoral Letters – 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus
• Revelation
• Introduction to the Bible
• Overview of the Old Testament
• Overview of the New Testament
• Lands of the Bible

Resources for Small Christian Communities Living Scripture – Arvada, CO, Living the Good News, 303-477-0180.Biblical Archaeology Review – Hershel Shanks ed, Published bi-monthly with information on archaeology and the latest scholarship.

Online ResourcesCatholic Scripture Study Series: www.catholicscripturestudy.comResource Publications, Inc. –

Daily Word of Life – Kay Murdy, www.daily-word-of-life.comCenter for Religion and Spirituality – Felix, Just, SJ Director, Loyola Marymont University, New American Bible – Five Gospel Parallels – Council II Documents – Click on document.St. Anthony Messenger – www.AmericanCatholic.orgDescription of Biblical Characters – www.mustardseed.netSearch for Passages Using Different Translations –

Wisdom Overflowing ~ Scripture Study Resources for Catholics ~ A place to begin scripture study and want more


Brown, Raymond E., Responses to 101 Questions on the Bible, New York, Paulist Press, 1990.Brueggemann,

Walter, The Bible Makes Sense, Winona, MN, St. Mary’s Press, 2003.Carmondy, Timothy R.,

Reading the Bible – Study Guide, Mahwah, NJ, Paulist Press, 2004.Deen, Edith,

All the Women of the Bible, New York, Harper Row, 1955.LaVerdiere, Eugene, Fundamentalism, A Pastoral Concern, Collegeville, MN, Liturgical Press, 2000.Mueller, Steve,

The Seeker’s Guide to Reading the Bible: A Catholic View, Loyola Press, 1999.Murdy, Kay,

What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Bible, San Jose, CA, Resource Publications, 2004.Paprocki, Joe,

God’s Library: Introducing Catholics to the Bible, Mystic, CT, Twenty-Third Publications, 2000.Pilch, John J.,

Choosing a Bible Translation, Collegeville, MN, Liturgical Press, 2000.Ralph, Margaret Nutting, Nourished by the Word, Effective DRE Series, Chicago, IL, Loyola Press, 2001.Ralph, Margaret Nutting,

And God Said What?: An Introduction to Biblical Literary Forms, Mahwah, NJ, Paulist Press, 2003.Rooney, Don,

Journeying with the Bible, Collegeville, MN, Liturgical Press, 2005.Scott, Macrina, O.S.E.,

Bible Stories Revisited: Discover Your Story in the Old Testament, Cincinnati, OH, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1999.Scott, Macrine, O.S.F.,

Picking the Right Bible Study Program, Chicago, IL, ACTA Publications.Sloyan, Gerard S.,

So You Mean to Read the Bible! Some Tips for Absolute Beginners, Collegeville, MN, Liturgical Press, 1992Witherup, Ronald D.,

The Bible Companion: A Handbook for Beginners, New York, Crossroad Publishing Company, 1998.

Zyromski, Page McKean, Pray the Bible, Cincinnati, OH, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2000.

Video Resources

Vision of the Gospels – Fr. Michael Himes, St. Anthony Messenger. One for each gospel.De Sales Video Program – Topics:
• Basic Tools for Bible Study
• The Old Testament Covenant
• The Living Gospels
• The Writing of Paul
Scripture from Scratch – Virginia Smith and Elizabeth McNamer, St. Anthony Messenger. An overview of the bible through 16 lessons and 8 tapes. Topics:
• An Overview of the Bible
• An Overview of the Old Testament
• An Overview of the New Testament
• An Overview of the GospelsScripture from Scratch II: The World of the Bible – Virginia Smith and Elizabeth McNamer, St. Anthony Messenger. Topics:
• Geography of the Hebrew Scriptures
• The Vocabulary of Faith: Religious Concepts of Hebrew Scripture
• History of the Hebrew People
• What Archeology can tell us about Biblical Times
• Religious Life in Jesus Day
• The People and Politics of Jesus’ Time
• Daily Life in First-Century Judea
• Jesus in His Own TimesThe Footprints of God – Ignatius Press, 2001. Topics:
• Abraham: Father of Faith and Works
• David and Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom
• Elijah and Elisha: Conscience of the Kingdom
• Mary: Mother of God
• Jesus: The Word Became Flesh
• Peter: Keeper of the Keys
• Paul: Contending for the Faith

Scripture Study On Line

University of Dayton- The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation
The Diocese of Saginaw has a partnership with the University of Dayton so that any adult in the diocese can take an online course for only $ 40. While this program offers a variety of courses, there are several scriptural courses.Introduction to Scripture
Scripture: Old Testament
Scripture: New TestamentFor more information or to register go to:

Intimate Path Catechesis

This free web resource is for you...for us together...and for all who are attempting to offer the full beauty of human life illuminated by the love of Christ for his Church to those "intimates" in their midst. With YouTube videos, discussion questions and quotes from the Scriptures and the Catechism, this new formation tool is meant to be attractive, experiential, reasonable and respectful of the freedom of each family member and friend.

Catholic Home Service

Catholic Home Study Service is sponsored by Vincentian Community and the Missouri Knights of Columbus.  They offer free correspondence courses on the Catholic Faith. 

Daily Word of Life

KAY MURDY - AUTHOR, COLUMNIST AND SPEAKER - offers meditations on the DAILY Mass readings of the Catholic Church, Feasts and Memorials of Saints, Liturgy, Prayer, Bible Study & more!