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School PTO

Purpose: St. Thomas More’s PTO promotes the welfare of our students, advances the interests of the school as a “Christ centered” educational institution, creates and fosters a spirit of community among parents, students and parish; and encourages active participation by the members in school affairs.

The PTO Board is elected annually. Officers consist of President, VP of Ways & Means; VP of Family Involvement, VP of Communication, Chief Financial Officer, Volunteer Coordinator, two Members at Large, the principal, teacher representative and the past president serve as board members/advisors.  Additionally, chairpersons are sought for all major projects.

Membership includes all parents, guardians, teachers, and parish members interested in the purposes of the organization and upholding Catholic principles.

PTO encourages family participation to all members. Research repeatedly shows that involved parents foster a better learning environment with measurable improvements in student achievement. 

PTO Programs offered:

Buddy Families                           Boo Hoo/Yahoo Breakfast

Trunk or Treat                             Father/Daughter Event

School Uniform Exchange         Mother/Son Event

Flamingo Flocking                     Bengal Mania/Reds Mania

Walk M.O.R.E.                           Spring Break SpringFEST

Kroger’s Loyalty Program         Scrips

Box Tops for Education             Restaurant Nights

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Additionally, St. Thomas More’s PTO expands the offerings of a quality education by conducting family-focused fundraising programs that provide:

  •        Capital Improvement Programs
  •        Classroom/Library Instructional Materials
  •        Teacher Appreciation Team
  •        Teacher Classroom Funds
  •        Performing Arts Programs
  •        Field Trip Transportation
  •        Catholic Schools Week Programs
  •        Back to School Picnic
  •        Scholarship Money for Parish Financial Aid Fund

President Lisa Evans 513-797-1463
Vice President,
Ways and Means
Angela Eads 513-753-0773
Vice President,
Family Involvement
Melanie Greiner 513-225-0137
Vice President, Communications Megan Spiegla 513-884-8772
Chief Financial Officer Jill Brichner 513-732-0938
 Volunteer Coordinator Kelly Koch513-947-1706 
School Representation Angela Holtgrefe 513-753-2540
Member At Large Kristy Rahn 513-300-0053
 Member At Large  Terese Brown  513-379-4579
Member at Large Marsha Barnes513-753-2540
 Principal Candace Hurley 513-753-2540


STM Playground-Funds raised by our PTO!