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Cleaning Ministry

Purpose: Volunteers clean the church on a weekly basis to insure that our parishioners worship in an atmosphere that will be comfortable, pleasant and spiritually uplifting.

Information: Cleaning services are performed on Saturday morning each week. Volunteers clean once a month and spend one to two hours dusting and cleaning the sacristy, Sanctuary, choir loft and other areas. New volunteers are always welcome.

Members include (as of 9-1-16): Jody Bridges, Sheila Christman, Chris Conrady, Gail Convery, Linda Denier, Sharmanthie Fernando, Nick, Lori, and Marilyn Green; Catin Handleton, George Hofmann, Jim Huening, Sandy Kiefer, Debbie Kinkel, Diane Meisman, Charlie and Ginny Rottinghaus, Bernice Sutter, Mandy Svarda, and Olivia Willis.


Mrs. Jody Bridges,
Cleaning Coordinator