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Elizabeth Ministry


Purpose: The Elizabeth Ministry responds to the joys and sorrows of a woman and her family’s life during the childbearing years. This outreach includes:

Pregnancy and pregnancy complications               Miscarriage

Adoption and birth                                                   Stillbirth

Infant or child crisis                                                 Infant or child death

Special needs children                                              Family outreach

Fertility and infertility concerns                             Grandparenting issues

The Elizabeth Ministry responds to these needs by offering “like to like” ministry through personal visits, meals, assisting with household tasks and errands, small remembrance gifts, and most importantly prayers. Events and activities hosted each year include the:

Blessing Bouquet, found by the entrances to church. Those seeking prayers for loved ones expecting a baby, hoping to conceive or adopt, those who have had a miscarriage or child loss may request a prayer by adding their intentions to prayer cards attached to multicolored roses, or our prayer journal.

Baby Care Center  during the STM JulyFest provides a quiet and relaxed location for parents to address the toiletry, nursing, and other needs of their infants and young children in a quiet, relaxed location. 

Diaper Campaign invites parishioners to donate diapers and wipes to young mothers and lower income families. Held three times per year, all donations are provided to a local pregnancy help center.

Elizabeth Ministry Library, housed in the Fr. Wack Library that includes books and videos to borrow on subjects such as fertility, infertility, childbearing issues, child loss, and miscarriage.

Epiphany Celebration that celebrates Jesus’ birth and accepts parishioner “baby” gifts for a local pregnancy help center.

Expectant Parent Blessing invites parents expecting a baby, through birth or adoption, to receive a special blessing each month. This blessing is held in the Marian Chapel the first Sunday of the month after the 10:00 a.m. Mass. 

Living Rosary Workshop is part of the Jesus Day Retreat when 1st Communicants learn why we Catholics value the rosary and its history and the children practice being part of the Living Rosary in preparation for May Crowning.

May Crowning and Living Rosary celebrating Mary, the Virgin Mother, with a May Crowning and Living Rosary led by the STM First Communicants.

Memorial Service for Children Born and Unborn which celebrates the life of those babies who have been lost through miscarriage, infant death, a failed adoption or abortion.

Rosebuds of Prayers for You Program, found on a table in the vestibule near the doors to the grotto, there is a basket of different colored silk roses representing different events. Those seeking prayers for loved ones expecting a baby, hoping to conceive or adopt, those who have had a miscarriage or child loss, sharing grandparent concerns, or enduring troubled times may request a prayer by adding their intentions to prayer cards attached to multi-colored roses, or to our prayer journal. 

Spiritual Adoption Program is a program available to the Parish to pray for the life of an unborn baby and ask God to give the parents the courage and grace they need to bring their baby into the world. This program will be used in the school to educate students on the development of life from conception to birth, encouraging prayer for our unborn sisters and brothers.

Anyone in need of a minister or wishing to volunteer as a minister or to help the ministry in one of its events can contact one of our officers listed. Email the ministry at, or view the Parish Website under Ministries for more information.

“Every child is precious; every child is a gift from God. Saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers.” ~ Mother Teresa


Director Michelle Minardi 513-943-4945 
Co-Director Jessica Swarts 513-309-6475
Membership Coordinator Ami Armbruster 513-947-1167
Education Coordinators Michelle Minardi  513-943-4945 
Education Coordinators Lisa Nelson 513-752-3986
Comfort Ministry Coordinator Shane Rieder 513-752-9523
Prayer Coordinator Muriel Casavant 508-558-3506
Adoption Support Penny Barton 513-752-1011
Grandparent Support Pat Rieck 513-752-1832