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St. Vincent de Paul Society


Purpose: The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a ministry of volunteers who administer to the poor in our Parish area. Contact is made as the result of calls received by our St. Vincent de Paul voicemail line from people in need.

Information: Clients are given assistance with food, rent, utility bills, clothing and other basic needs. Clients are visited and interviewed by members to determine their needs. The work of the St. Vincent de Paul is sustained by the generosity of our parishioners through fifth Sunday collections, food drives and the Christmas giving tree. Without this assistance the conference would not exist. St. Vincent de Paul also manages our Thomas More House at 804 Ohio Pike which is used for a food pantry and meeting house.

SVDP Run for the Poor: June 9, 2018

Contact: St. Vincent de Paul Staff............................................... 513-753-2561


The Thomas More House