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Faith Formation Commission

Purpose: To work together with the DRE and the pastoral staff to research current trends in faith formation for all ages, to develop plans for life long learning opportunities and to implement intergenerational practices.

Information:  The Faith Formation Commission will meet periodically to discuss various trends and practices around the country. Understanding that faith formation is a communal endeavor, this commission will formulate plans in relationship to events linked with the liturgical calendar that will help deepen the understanding and strengthen the practice of our Catholic faith. The ultimate goal is to help all parishioners to continually grow in our love of Christ, His Church and especially our community at St. Thomas More. The Commission has the task of creating annual faith formation opportunities in five areas: large group learning, small group learning, family based sharing and learning, on line and independent learning, and liturgy/whole community learning.

Members: Linda Bader, Genny Ivers, Maria Pour, Kristy Petri, Patricia Webb, Barb Davis, Charisse Rubio, Tony Rubio, Chrissy Bath, Tim Bath, Dena Desrosiers, Dorene Farwick, Jennifer Mann, Jessica Swarts, Carrie Lehn, Mike Storck, Muriel Casavant, Nadine Osterman, Pam Moore, Rose Mary Bell, Steve Feist, Debbie Feist, Terri Murrell, Tom Kiefer.

Contact:  Becky Ready at 513-753-2548.

DRE Becky Ready welcomes Matthew Kelly to our Parish