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Purpose: Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation to the Catholic faith providing forgiveness of sins and allowing us to be united with Christ. Parents must attend a baptismal preparation class prior to scheduling the Baptism of their first child. Baptisms should be scheduled three weeks in advance. Baptisms are celebrated either at a Sunday Mass or at 11:15 am on Sunday and only once per weekend, whichever is scheduled first. For example, if someone schedules a Baptism on Sunday at 11:15 am, then ALL baptisms that weekend will be at that time. Private baptisms are not scheduled. Since Baptism is the incorporation into the Body of Christ and welcomes one into the Church, it makes no sense to have a private liturgy. Sacraments are never private but are always celebrations of the whole community which is why they are often celebrated during Mass. Baptisms are not celebrated during Lent but we encourage baptisms during Mass in the Easter season. At least one parent must be a baptized, practicing Catholic and a registered parishioner of St. Thomas More Parish. Parents must intend to raise the child in the practice of the Catholic faith by attending Sunday Mass and receiving the sacraments. Contact Deacon Michael Thomas to answer any questions concerning the Baptism of your child.


Baptismal Preparation Class: Introduces parents to the Rite of Baptism and the parental/sponsor responsibility for nurturing children in the Catholic faith. Classes at this time are being done remotely. If you wish to attend a remote class, please call the Parish Office at 753-2550 to register. If a parent attends a baptismal preparation class at another parish, a certificate or letter of completion is needed to schedule the Baptism at St. Thomas More.



Contact: Deacon Michael Thomas................513-753-2549

              Kate Roelker...................................513-753-2550


Easter Vigil Baptisms