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Confirmation is the sacrament of initiation during which a baptized Catholic, through prayers, imposition of hands and the anointing with chrism, receives a real and significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit that completes the initiation into Catholicism begun in Baptism. This sacrament permanently marks the soul and supports us in our on-going Christian journey. 

We are enriched by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, bound more perfectly to the Church and strengthened to fulfill our obligation of more firmly witnessing for Christ in word and deed, being defenders of our faith!  These spiritual gifts enable us, when we are properly disposed, to perceive God more clearly in His Words in our lives so that we grow into a more loving and mature relationship with Him.

Our family Confirmation program helps the middle schoolers get ready for the Sacrament of Confirmation through the evangelizing (i.e., sharing the faith) and catechizing (i.e., teaching the faith) opportunities. With the help of parents, sponsors and program coordinators, the Confirmation candidates can be well prepared to receive and employ the gifts and graces given by the Holy Spirit.


The confirmation preparation process begins with families of 7th graders in January of each new year. Both current research and parental feedback indicate a preference for beginning the Confirmation process in the winter of 7th grade with the actual sacrament being celebrated in the spring of 8th grade.


  • Check the Parish bulletin for meeting dates. 




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Contacts:          Becky Ready, DRE, 513-753-2548

                         Deacon Bob Brazier, CRE 513-688-3626