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Members of the parish wishing to be married are asked to contact Deacon Michael Thomas to set up an appointment. A date can be set only after this appointment and necessary information is gathered. Because of the time required for Pre-Cana preparation in accordance with archdiocesan policy no date will be set within six months of the wedding.

Parishioners at this time can become involved in our marriage ministry in three ways: If you are interested in helping set-up and facilitate wedding rehearsals and or wedding ceremonies, if you are interested in helping with our annual celebration of marriage or if you are interested in becoming a FOCCUS couple.

The FOCCUS instrument assists the engaged couple in preparing for marriage by enabling them to focus on their communication skills with each other. Parish volunteers minister as a team to coordinate the instrument and then discuss and interpret it with the engaged couple. All couples being married in our parish participate in the FOCCUS.

For more information, click here for a copy of our Wedding Guidelines

Contact: Deacon Michael Thomas at 513-753-2549