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Electronic Donations
Why should you contribute electronically to St. Thomas More Parish? Your parish donation is charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your bank account according to your instructions! You can choose to charge your donation on your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card. You can earn points if your credit card is part of one of these programs. Earn rewards for use in this life! You can also contribute through your checking or savings account. You can choose to donate once a month or every week. There are no more checks to write, lose, or forget. No stamps to buy for mailing. No more remembering to bring that envelope with you each week. There are no fees for participating in this program!


You can use your church envelopes for Holydays and other special collections. Or just use them to record your attendance at Sunday Mass by depositing an empty envelope in the collection basket. There is a box for you to check that you have donated electronically.

Our program is safe and secure. Click on either the form to your right.  
Print out the form and complete all the information. Put it in an envelope and drop it in the collection basket. We will take care of the rest.

Your personal account information is safe and secure. We process all electronic donations at the parish and not through a third party. We do not share your account information with anyone. The Finance Office is locked and alarmed when closed.

You can opt out of the program at anytime. And you can change the amount you are donating. Just call the Finance Office at 753-2543 to make your change or if you have any questions. 

You can also arrange for a direct payment to the parish with your bank.  Parishioners are also choosing this option. 

For assistance, contact Dick Berish, Business Manager, at 513-753-2543

St. Thomas More accepts:

Electronic Donation Forms

Bank Checking or Savings

Credit Card