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Stock Donations to St. Thomas More

The procedure for the donation of stock to St. Thomas More Parish has changed. We follow the procedures for safe and secure donated stock transactions as established by the Archdicoese of Cincinnati and Fifth Third Bank.

Electronic/DTC Transfer:  This is now the preferable method to donate stock to St. Thomas More Parish.  Please inform your stock broker that St. Thomas More has our own individual account through Fifth Third Bank to receive electronic stock donations.  Please inform your broker our DTC number is 2116 and our Account number is 0104471751CR.  Once the transaction has been processed, the parish is informed.  Please note:  a donor name MUST accompany the transfer in order to be received.  Donor names must come through on the transfer memo line or the shares will be rejected and sent back to the donor account.

Physical Certificate:  Certificates held in the name of the donor(s) must be endoresed by the donor(s) exactly as stated on the front side of the certificate.  Except for the signature lines, please leave all other lines on the back of the certificate blank.  All certificates held in the name of the donor(s) must be accompanied by a letter stating that is the donor(s)' intention to donate the stock to the parish.  The letter must identify the stock, number of share, and include handwritten signatures exactly as stated on the front side of the certificate.  All paperwork must be original.  The stock certificates and the letter can be delivered to the Parish Office during business hours. 

Proctor & Gamble Shareholder Services:  Donors that hold P&G shares with P&G Shareholders Services may transfer shares directly to St. Thomas More Parish by completing the P&G Stock Transfer Form and returning it to P&G.  Our P&G account number is 0000359374.  Donors may contact P&G Shareholders Services at 1-800-742-6253 with questions or visit the P&G web site for forms. 

Questions may be directed to the Parish Business Manager, Dick Berish, at 753-2543.