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Archdiocese of Cincinnati decree on Child Protection

The 2018 Archdiocese of Cincinnati Decree on Child Protection is in effect for all entities in the diocese. The diocese statement governing this policy is:
All “employees” and “regular volunteers” as defined in the July 1, 2018 Decree on Child Protection must register with SafeParish®, complete a Child Awareness training session, receive an acceptable background check, and be approved by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati before they can have contact with children. 

In addition, all employees within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati must be fingerprinted, complete a B4 Form, and be approved by the Office of Safe Environment for the Protection of Children and Youth before the new employee can have contact with children.

The child protection decree applies to all parish sponsored activities and events if children are to be present regardless if they are held on parish property or anywhere off site including private homes.


Please see the tab to the right SafeParish Registration for instructions on how to register, see Background Check Information to find out if you qualify for a token from the parish to pay the background check fee or for more information on the Decree on Child Protection.


Fr. Bill Wagner has appointed Linda Caskey as our Local Safe Environment Coordinator (SEC). The Local Safe Environment Coordinator is responsible for maintaining parish compliance with background checks and SafeParish training under the Child Protection Decree. The SEC works closely with the diocese to ensure the program is in compliance with national requirements. Please contact Linda if you have any questions.

Linda Caskey
Safe Environment Coordinator


The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has announced that all SafeParish® trained employees and volunteers are expected to keep current with all SafeParish® continuing education sessions. Anyone who does not complete their quarterly continuing education session may not have any further contact with children. All leaders of each Archdiocesan institution, (i.e. pastors, principals, etc.) are responsible for enforcing this SafeParish® policy. 


Reporting Abuse

If you or someone you know has been abused at any time by an agent of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (priest, deacon, employee or volunteer), the Archdiocese urges you to report the abuse to the Coordinator of Ministry to Survivors of Abuse at 513-421-3131 or 1-800-686-2724 as well as to the secular legal authorities.